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Put yourself in my shoes

It may seem harsh to block a potential new clients number because they no call/no showed me, but im just so tired of the disrespect! When you call and make an appointment to see me, i will always be at the place we agreed to meet at the agreed upon time, completely prepared and ready too give you my undivided attention!!

I stop whatever im doing to make sure I keep my word because I take my job seriously!! This means that

👉ive left restaurants halfway thru my meal to make sure I was back at my incall location and ready for a client who called me and said he wanted too see me right now. 👈 for no reason, because the guy never even showed up!!!

👉Ive stayed up all night to answer my phone, but a guy called wanting too see me a couple hours later. I knew that if I tried to nap beforehand, I most likely would’ve slept through the alarm and missed the appointment so Ive stayed up waiting👈 💤⏰ for no reason!! because I got ghosted!

My livelihood💵💰 is a 24/7 get in where you fit in hustle!! Whenever im needed is when I work and as much as id like too shut off my phone and only work set times, that’s just not practical!!

What im trying to say is that:

Im a woman of my word, even when living up too my word is hard or inconvenient.

If your not ready/entirely sure that you want too see me, then wait until you are, and call me then!!

If you cant keep a date youve already made with me: let me know with as much of an advance notice as possible! We’ll reschedule for another time✔

☎It only takes a minute of your time, max, to call or text to tell me you cant make it☎

⏰Time is money💰and no call no showers waste both of mine🚫 you ghost me, I’ll ghost you🙈🙉🙊 simple as that

How to lose my interest in less than 10 seconds

Theres some things potential clients say that ruins their chance to see me immediately…. On one hand, these little redflags in text form probably save me a lot of time and aggravation but I probably miss out on good clients who might just be clueless when it comes to escort etiquette.

Here’s a few things that will make me ignore your message :

🚫☎no explicit talk or requests for sex acts🚫

⏰⏳keep your messages brief and to the point, im often juggling multiple calls and text so I don’t have the time for small talk or game of 21 questions⏳⏰

Don’t ask me to send  pictures.  My pictures are 💯real ,recent & accurately represent my appearance. It will be a cold day in hell when  my nude photos  end up online without my consent /personal gain . The internet is just chock full of porn to suite your every wildest whim if you want nudity . If your that nervous about getting catfished, I’ll happily send a time card pic like this one:20180209_132707-1236995916.jpg





An outcall-ultimatum

I offer outcall appointments and just Like anything else in life that is easy, enjoyable or convenient,  a couple jerks came along ASAP to ruin it for everybody else.   The jerks won that time, but I learned a valuable lesson in screening and scheduling for out call service, so if you want me to come over don’t be surprised that;

🚫I will only see first time customers for an outcall if you live within the city of akron. I dont want to go way out in the middle of nowhere with a client I dont know and trust.

🚕since I had a couple flake outs and i had to pay for a  wild goose ride on top of wasting time that I could have entertained another client. So  as a form of down payment and reassurance that your just not wasting my time , I need you to pay for my uber or taxi TO WHERE YOU ARE…i will pay for my return fare.

💵💰 In addition to my regular rates, I want an extra  $50 to cover cost of travel time. 💰💵

My Donation rates:

My rates are💯firm and non-negotiable but worth every penny💋💖⚘

Incall                      out call

15 min –      $100            💖    $150  💖

30-min –       $150           💖   $200   💖

60 min –       $200           💖   $250 . 💖